"For too long boards and executives have undervalued the importance of customer experience
and the huge impact it has had on the bottom line. Let's face it, no matter how efficient you think your
business is, if you don't inspire, satisfy and maintain customers, you don't have a future. The key to
Net-A-Porter's success has always been to exceed customer expectations.
If you have customers, this needs to be your priority." - Megan Quinn

Q&CO is the brainchild of Megan Quinn, a co-founder and former executive board member of
Net-a-Porter.com. Q&CO's unique service examines all aspects of customer/brand experience, and
identifies what is working both online and offline, and what isn't. Quinn and her select group of
expert collaborators provide a comprehensive report that focusses on pragmatic key recommendations
to increase performance and improve return on investment.

The Q&CO Front-End Audit allows businesses to quickly get up to speed on ways to overhaul their
customer relationships.

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